“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of an e-surf ride."

– Melon R. Husk

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Ride e-surfs with friends, without the hustle.

We take the burdens of e-surf ownership, leaving the joy of the ride to you. Request an invitation for your 5-star electric surfboard concierge App.

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Don’t Buy, Subscribe. E-Surf Concierge Included.

We don’t sell the Surfeus e-boards, we offer them in a subscription. We believe ownership is a hustle. E-surfs are expensive to buy, troublesome to repair, hustle to transport, worrying about theft. Our subscription, with e-surf concierge included, removes the hassle and leaves you with what matters, the exhilarating joy of the ride.

How it works

Four easy steps.

We wanted to keep things simple hence we create a streamlined and frictionless process for you to enjoy riding your e-surf, without the hassle.


1.Download the App

Follow the link to download Surfeus App for iOS or Android, then create an account.


2.Book your session

Find the nearest operator or instructor, choose the location and time, then book your e-surf ride.


3.Meet at location

Meet with your operator or instructor, at the location and time booked.


4.Enjoy the ride

Put on the wetsuit, jump on the e-sufboard and enjoy the ride.

Get Started

Request your invite today!

Surfeus is currently invite-only. Sign-up to the waitlist and become one of the first to join the tribe. We will progressively be opening up to more riders as our core community begins to take shape.

Get the app now!

Book and e-surf with ease.